Why Learn MYOB Payroll?

In business, payroll commonly refers to your financial records, salaries, wages and deductions that your business has to deal with. Tracking all of your employees’ holiday leave, sick leave and maintaining your employee records can take a LOT of time, money and resources. It can be a little bit confusing if you have no experience in payroll or if you are just starting out in business. It is important to invest in a decent payroll system for a few reasons; mainly to ensure the smooth running of your business’ finances and to ensure that your employees’ are paid their correct amounts, on time – all the time. So where do you start? What MYOB product will work best for your business? Have you researched any of the numerous MYOB products on the market today? It depends on your budget and how many staff you need to manage, but there will be a MYOB product that suits your business; you just need to find it!

So What is MYOB Anyway?

You have probably heard of MYOB before, but do you really know what it is and how it works? MYOB was established in 1991 in Australia, by Craig Winkler and Brad Shofer. Basically, MYOB is a business management product that has many different software programs and add-ons, which branch from the basic version. Originally designed for the ‘small to medium sized enterprises’ (more commonly known as SMEs) out there, there is even MYOB software available on the market to aid professional accountants (MYOB Accounting Plus). Over 700,000 different businesses (including a lot of accounting firms) all over Australasia are all utilising what MYOB business management products have to offer. Bet you didn’t know that?! MYOB is the number one provider of business management software in Australia helping small to medium sized enterprises run the finance side of their business smoothly.

How MYOB can Help with Your Payroll Requirements

MYOB has an awesome product on the market that is aimed at those who need to organise their business’ payroll, with little to no experience. Are you aware of how the payroll policy/procedure works in your business? What do you mean you have no idea? Although you are not alone, it does payoff to learn how the payroll process works and how to use MYOB Payroll. Does your business have a proper payroll system in place? If not, your business may be falling behind the times. An effective (or even an ineffective) payroll procedure could make or break your business. MYOB Payroll is an all-in-one tool that will calculate accurate earnings, taxes and deductions for you – automatically! Phew, are you starting to feel better? How good would it be to be able to analyse your business’ current trends and track your income and costs, all from one handy little program? MYOB Payroll also works with e-banking and even the Australian Tax Office. This will ensure that you are complying with your legal requirements regarding tax and superannuation! Just think how good it would be to not have to worry about that. One less thing to stress about!

Learning MYOB Payroll WILL Benefit Your Business

If your business has grown so much that you are beginning to put people on your payroll, it might be time to invest in a program that will simplify the process for you. There are heaps of MYOB training sessions on offer and if you do a quick search in Google for ‘MYOB training’ or even more specifically something like ‘MYOB training in Melbourne’ or ‘MYOB accounting plus course’ you are sure to find a short course that will be both affordable and helpful. There are even programs that come to you! How good is that?! Do not be too proud in seeking MYOB Payroll training or any other training for that matter. Because everyone needs sufficient training to be able to do any task well! The major benefit of investing in MYOB Payroll training is that it will give you an understanding of how payroll works and obviously how to make the most of the MYOB Payroll program itself. Not only will good payroll training help prepare you and your business for the day-to-day payroll tasks, effective payroll training will show you how to deal with any payroll problems that may arise. Obviously, there are a lot benefits when investing in a good quality payroll program and at the same time, investing in your staff. When you and your staff know how to use the software correctly and are aware of the payroll policy; procedure usually follows without any major issues. And if problems do arise, there is usually someone that knows how to resolve the problem. Investing in training is a great way for you and your staff to learn and improve their skills. And it will help to keep your staff happy and motivated if they are learning new skills!

booklets printing

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The Beginners Checklist to Internet Marketing.

Every single day more and more newcomers are turning to the web for an
alternative way to produce an extra source of income and hopefully one
day replace their J.O.B (which if you don’t know, stands for ‘just
over broke’!) with a work from home position. This is all well and
good, but the online world is a very big place to be swimming in on
your own.. and believe me!, when i say that there are sharks out there
just waiting to take a chunk out of your wallet.. i mean it!.
I was new to the internet once, and found myself in deep water on more
than one occasion, so i decided to put together ‘the beginners
checklist to internet marketing’ to assist the newbie in making it
online safely with credit card in tact.

1. Find like-minded people with knowledge and experience.

Just like in the real world it is difficult to make it alone without
any help, so the most important thing is to find people who you can
trust and are ready to give you help and advice. These reliable like
minded groups of marketers can be found in membership sites which are
ever-increasing in popularity, especially for the newcomer. These
sites usually offer forums where already experienced individuals are
more than willing to help guide you through your online journey to
. The added bonus is that these sites are also full of the most
recent and updated techniques to make sure you stay on top of any
changes in your market.

2. Know you product/service.

Knowing what you are trying to promote or sell is essential to
becoming a successful online entrepreneur. If you haven’t got a clue
what you are talking about, potential customers will sense this and
redirect themselves to a more professional and informative website
which will in turn get the sale. Research, research and more research
is the best advice i can give you to becoming an expert in your field
and the best tool for doing this is right in front of you.. Google!

3. Select a relevant domain name

Many marketers get hung-up over choosing a domain name for their site
and it has been known for some people to postpone getting one
registered for weeks. This is only going to slow things down, so there
is no need to be too picky about this process. Just make sure your
domain name isn’t too long winded and is easy to remember. This is the
exact technique that many marketers use with great success.

4 Get an auto-responder!

Using an auto-responder is vital to building your business.. if you
don’t have one how are you going to capture potential customers details
to promote your products and services to?. There are many different
types of auto-responder on the market. A popular choice that many
internet marketers use is Called Aweber. This is because it is easy to
comprehend and a very inexpensive option for the newcomer to start

5. Create Your Own Website.

A website is essential to sell your product or service. Creating your
own website may seem very daunting to you at first, but with the right
help and guidance it will become second nature – just like riding a
bike!. There are a number of programs on the internet that offer
training in website creation for the newcomer usually in the form of
an ebook and/or video tutorials.

Skinning With Cheap WOW Gold

If you choose skinning as your profession in the World of Warcraft, you may want to know how you can world of warcraft gold when Wrath of the Lich King is releases. For the most part, this is due to the recent “Echoes of Doom” 3.0.2 patch that Blizzard Entertainment released recently. If you are in skinning profession, there are plenty of chances to loot lots of leather and rule the AH in sales. Now we avail ourselves of this chance to offer some simple steps on how to make cheap wow gold in world of warcraft gold of the Lich King with Skinning. Just follow it.

Firstly, it is important for you to understand that you will encounter several low level characters that will drop an assortment of light leather and ruined leather scraps if you want to start with skinning. As a skinner, leatherworking skill is a must when you optimize the profits, which it allows you to transform the scraps that you pick up into light leather, and as you level, other types of leather.
Secondly, you as a skinner have the ability to stroll through the lands and discover the areas that are open up to you. In some cases, you may discover an area where you can skin, pick up items that sell well in the Auction House and make some extra cash on the side – maybe copper, silver and all that can accumulate into gold! Fast respawn areas for someone who chooses the professions of Skinning and Leatherworking can be extremely lucrative!
Thirdly, as you continue to level up, you will be able to explore new places that have higher level creatures that you can skin. The higher that the creature is, the better the leather drops such as medium leather, heavy leather are examples of leather that you may obtain from these creatures. If you throw stacks of this type of leather on the AH, you are likely to make several world of warcraft gold a day!
Lastly, in Wrath of the Lich King, you will stumble upon many creatures that can be skinned as you progress into Northrend. Though, it is important to note that you will need to be around level 68 to enter into this area safely. Keep in mind that you can throw all the leather you acquire from this area into the AH or use it to create special bags, armor and other items. It is quite profitable to gain gold from skinning in Northrend in Wrath of the Lich King.
In all, you remember that the skinner starts with the low level creatures running around the newbie areas of World of Warcraft. When you are higher level, the skinning is stronger and players can get more cheap wow gold. Critters and beast type monsters in the level five to ten World of Warcraft zones, skinners will obtain ruined leather scraps and pieces of light leather. Leather scraps have no use or value to players unless the skinner also possesses the leather working skill. Leather scraps can be sold to vendors, but since it costs the skinner nothing to skin the animals, the skinning trade skill is all profit. It is our pleasure to serve you, thanks for your attention.

HR Strategy to Keep Your Workers Happy

Human Resources (HR) is a major growth industry in the small business and corporate arena. Gone are the days where bosses got away with making ridiculous demands of their underpaid, unhappy and frequently on-strike workers. In these current times, good employees are hard to come by and even harder to keep – strategy planning is essential. If you research an effective HR strategy ahead of time, that takes into account your most valuable assets, you’ll be saving money, enhancing productivity and growing a more positive working environment!

Your Most Valuable Asset.

Believe it or not, it is not your product, nor is it your enormous brain or fantastic location – it’s your workers! Without them nothing happens – you can’t do it all! Without strategic management, retention of your staff can be difficult. Going through the ordeal of replacing an unhappy staff member can cost up to three times their original annual salary. Couldn’t that money be better spent on trusted, loyal employees that reflect your business values? On a quality HR strategy? On simply making them happy? Side effects of looking after your most valuable assets include; lower staff turnover, attraction of the ‘right’ talent when you do need new people, higher productivity and output and increased customer satisfaction. Sounds like a terribly successful way of doing business doesn’t it?

What Workers Really Want.

So what makes for a dissatisfied worker? It could be one of many things… lack of advancement in their position, boredom with job content, low wages, long hours, managerial gripes, bullying, company dynamics or personal problems. What a way to spend eight hours, every day – for whatever reason, it’s pretty evident that this person will either leave or eventually stop doing their job effectively. A happy worker on the other hand, envisions a workplace where they are valued and feel appreciated, where they feel a shared ownership in the brand or company.

Opportunities for professional advancement, training in and access to new technologies, and a pay cheque that reflects their contribution to the business also helps! On a more human level, workers just want to communicate and feel heard once in a while. They’d love it if the boss would acknowledge that they have a life outside the office and be flexible for family and social commitments.

How You Can Deliver.

First and foremost, if you have a large company and are not trained in human resources yourself, get an expert in strategic management in to look after it. Whether on a contract basis, or a permanent addition to your team, an expert in HR strategy will ultimately save you time and money. Even if you don’t have a huge number of employees in your own small business there are lots of ways to get your staff morale flying high above the bar and raise the stakes for your success! Try being more flexible, both with hours and job roles. Allow timeshare or trading for parents or students; where they can either work from home or take a ‘part time’ or different roles when outside pressures and commitments arise.

Work with people’s natural circadian rhythms; have rotating shifts for morning and afternoon people – as long as the same amount of work is getting done, does it really matter when? Offer genuine thanks for good work; this is so simple, but almost never done properly. Have readily available opportunities for advancement available, in-house or external professional development can only help give you an edge over your competitors. Any which way you look at it, an investment in your workers happiness via quality strategy planning, will reap major rewards for your overall business performance.