Small Business Finance the Smart Way

Are you a small business owner? If you are, you’ll know that running a small business is one of the most difficult things you’ll ever do in your life. You’re the company’s spokesperson, owner, founder, advertiser and investor. You are its inspiration. It is your livelihood and your passion. And like all passions it is […]

3 Profitable Small Business Ideas 2012

Small business is at the forefront of economic development this year. Here are at least three (3) profitable ideas to start one today. Income-Generating Business Online If you wish to start with the least expenses and widest margin of profits, consider putting up your own online business. You will find many opportunities on the web […]

How to find a gift if you know nothing about football

Nothing is harder than trying to pick specialised gifts for a loved one when you don’t really know anything about their passion! One classic example is that of football; for the uninitiated – or just downright uninterested, the beautiful game can look incredibly dull and confusing… and it makes it doubly hard when you know […]