Beware of the Knockoff

When searching for the perfect designer bag there are many to choose from, however there are also many imposters. If it is high quality and expert craftsmanship that you are looking for then you can find that in Hermes handbags or by choosing a mulberry handbag, however there are many places that sale fakes, so be aware of the imposters. While there are many good replicas available where looks are concerned, the quality leaves something to be desired. It is also much harder than one might realize to spot one of these replicas.
When looking for evidence that your Hermes handbags or a mulberry handbag is “real” the first thing to do is always compare the labels. A replica’s label will always be very close to a legitimate label; however there will be some small differences, either by the way it is attached to the bag or by the overall design. The next major give away is the stitching and lining. While the stitching may be harder to detect every line such as Hermes or Mulberry has a very distinct stitching pattern they use on all of their handbags. It is also important to check the lining which is usually substandard in many replicas, while a true designer bag will carry the unmatched quality of their product even to this hidden part of the bag.
One of the easiest ways to tell whether you have one of the “real” Hermes handbags is to check the company’s website. Here you will find all of the newest bags available and if you cannot find yours even in the archives or it is several season old there is a very good chance that it is a replica. You can also check to see if a mulberry hand bag is “real” the same way. While many that purchase these types of handbags already know each of the new designs by sight, others might have some trouble discerning, which is the “real” version of their favorite designer.
There is one major way to tell if your Hermes handbags or mulberry handbag is “real” and that is simply by looking at the price tag. While some of the best knockoffs can still catch hundreds of dollars it is important to remember that a real designer bag will be in the thousands. There are some retailers who can offer legitimate designer handbags for a deeply discounted price, however if you find Hermes handbags or a mulberry handbag for $100 or $200, then there is a very good chance that it is a fake.
Knockoff handbags can be an interesting little secret for those who are not concerned with quality, or for those who cannot afford the “real thing”, however this type of bag is nothing more than a slap in the face of the individuals who work very hard to design these handbags for the discerning consumer. It is also important to realize that when a replica is purchased that the actual designer does not share in the profits for their work. It is always better to purchase a “true” designer bag, and to leave the knockoffs to those who are merely looking for a showpiece and not concerned with the quality of the product they are purchasing.