Tractor -Spare Parts Manufacturers in India

There are a surprising number of machines available in every shape and size imaginable. Like most things in life, your needs have a lot to do with what you should look for. You know your needs but you will have to translate them into something tangible that will allow you to make a clear headed decision.

Places which are rich in agriculture need such machinery which can help them in reducing time, man power and the main thing time. Because time is the main constraint in which we have to do work and finish.

When some one new person or already using person is going to buy a new tractor few things should be in mind like what type, size, brand, or model of tractor you want, a more basic set of factors must be used for determining the specific tractor you will purchase. As always, restoring versus working with tractors will have a completely different checklist.

Some more essential things that are more technical then basic should be checked when you are thinking to buy a new or a second hand tractor are as follows.

• Does it start easily – A tractor that starts easily may eliminate several items in one shot. Good Battery, compression, ignition wiring / magneto, tune up, fuel flow.
• Does it run well when hot – Getting it hot is a must if you want to find out how it will work after you plowed the first row. After warm up, shut it down and see if it will start.
• Do the brakes work well – Although the brakes are inexpensive to replace, they are inaccessible on many tractors and will require extensive teardown to get the new ones in? You can test the brakes by locking one wheel and cranking the steering to that side. The tractor should spin and the wheel should not rotate.
• Does it smoke – Blue smoke indicates many potentially difficult problems like rings, pistons, or valve guides.
• Is there head seepage – look for signs that fluids are seeping out the head gasket. If the tractor is encrusted with grease and dirt, it may cover obvious signs of seepage.
• Is the clutch good – the clutch is not that expensive to replace but splitting the tractor in half is beyond what most folks want to do.
• Check the Charging system – There should be a slight charge shown on the ammeter when the engine is running and a change in the charging level when the lights are turned on.

Now turn comes for some important part that is spare parts. We can’t ignore these things. These are essentials not only for tractors also for other automobiles. Now we need to know about the companies who provide us these things.

PTC is a well known exporter of Tractor Spare Parts, and has been serving the tractor spare parts industry from past 30 years. These manufacture and export high quality tractor spare parts such as Tractor Gears, Tractor Shafts, Tractor Spindles, Tractor Crank Shafts, Tractor Connecting Rods, Tractor Clutch Plates, Tractor Hydraulics, Axles, Tractor nut bolts and other precision tractor components.

These hold full range of components for New Holland, Deutz, Swaraj, Escort, Ursus, Ford, Sonalika, Powertrac, Farmtrac, Massey Ferguson, International and John Deree and other tractor parts. These also design customized products according to the needs of customers.