The Beginners Checklist to Internet Marketing.

Every single day more and more newcomers are turning to the web for an
alternative way to produce an extra source of income and hopefully one
day replace their J.O.B (which if you don’t know, stands for ‘just
over broke’!) with a work from home position. This is all well and
good, but the online world is a very big place to be swimming in on
your own.. and believe me!, when i say that there are sharks out there
just waiting to take a chunk out of your wallet.. i mean it!.
I was new to the internet once, and found myself in deep water on more
than one occasion, so i decided to put together ‘the beginners
checklist to internet marketing’ to assist the newbie in making it
online safely with credit card in tact.

1. Find like-minded people with knowledge and experience.

Just like in the real world it is difficult to make it alone without
any help, so the most important thing is to find people who you can
trust and are ready to give you help and advice. These reliable like
minded groups of marketers can be found in membership sites which are
ever-increasing in popularity, especially for the newcomer. These
sites usually offer forums where already experienced individuals are
more than willing to help guide you through your online journey to
. The added bonus is that these sites are also full of the most
recent and updated techniques to make sure you stay on top of any
changes in your market.

2. Know you product/service.

Knowing what you are trying to promote or sell is essential to
becoming a successful online entrepreneur. If you haven’t got a clue
what you are talking about, potential customers will sense this and
redirect themselves to a more professional and informative website
which will in turn get the sale. Research, research and more research
is the best advice i can give you to becoming an expert in your field
and the best tool for doing this is right in front of you.. Google!

3. Select a relevant domain name

Many marketers get hung-up over choosing a domain name for their site
and it has been known for some people to postpone getting one
registered for weeks. This is only going to slow things down, so there
is no need to be too picky about this process. Just make sure your
domain name isn’t too long winded and is easy to remember. This is the
exact technique that many marketers use with great success.

4 Get an auto-responder!

Using an auto-responder is vital to building your business.. if you
don’t have one how are you going to capture potential customers details
to promote your products and services to?. There are many different
types of auto-responder on the market. A popular choice that many
internet marketers use is Called Aweber. This is because it is easy to
comprehend and a very inexpensive option for the newcomer to start

5. Create Your Own Website.

A website is essential to sell your product or service. Creating your
own website may seem very daunting to you at first, but with the right
help and guidance it will become second nature – just like riding a
bike!. There are a number of programs on the internet that offer
training in website creation for the newcomer usually in the form of
an ebook and/or video tutorials.