They’re Really Helping Us out in the Small Cities

The Fios services are quickly spreading across the country and it’s a good thing as well. Finally there is competition in the more remote regions of the United States. For so long customers out in the western states have only had one choice when it comes to their cable providers and that guy usually took advantage of that fact and jacked up the price. Well with Fios rolling out it’s network all over America I’m happy to say that fios service in Maryland has finally arrived. That’s right, you heard me correctly; we finally have more than one option up here in Maryland when it comes to our television and internet provider. No longer will we be held under the thumb of those guys that held a monopoly on us for so long. We have the freedom of choice and most of us are choosing to go with Fios.

The truth of the matter is that Fios is just cheaper than the competition at this stage. I hope that them moving in can start a spree of competition that will drive the prices even lower. I highly doubt that is what will happen, but it would be nice to see it; in fact, I would almost bet that the prices go down here soon as it looks like they are starting a semi agressive advertisement campaign. It looks like they are hurting for customers since Fios moved in, and I’m actually quite happy because I could not wait to get rid of them. But hey, if they come back with lower prices and a more reliable service I can tell you that I will still stick with Fios, because they didn’t have to be threatened with termination to put their customers first. They are expanding their network to help the people that have no choices and I respect them for that.