Started Getting the Back Yard Like I Want It

It has taken me some time to get this done, but I have started to get my back yard fixed up the way I have always wanted it. The big thing I want is to make it easier for me to keep it. So I cut down a couple of the trees that made the most mess. I had a couple of those annoying sweet gum trees, which obviously drop those stupid sticky gum balls every place. Today I just got the the bbq thermometer in the UPS today and that is a big deal. I have built myself a big outdoor kitchen out there. It is really nice and I spent a bit more than I had intended before it was done. Of course you could build an outdoor kitchen that would cost you as much as a house if you really tried. It is quite easy to sink a lot of money into a place like this.

My original idea was just to build a nice grill out in the back. I was thinking I would fix it upso that I could bbq a whole side of beef if I really wanted to. Of course that is a ridiculously large bbq when you think about and this is not nearly that large. You could put a large hog in it if you had the need, but it is more designed so that it has different heating levels at once. You have to figure out what you are doing if you want the cooking temperature to be something you can control as well as possible. Obviously cooking two different things at once is something people used to have to do all of the time and they had to figure out ways to manage the heat differently. It requires a lot of thought.